“Emily’s teaching style is by far one of the best I’ve ever experienced. She is one of the most approachable and nurturing yet challenging instructors I’ve ever taken. Her style of teaching is very unique as it incorporates all of the fundamental principles of an asana practice, with a very melodic-dance twist - I enjoy this SO much, as I’m very dancer-like when I practice. She also always has a knack for changing things up in the classroom and knowing when to challenge/push you to the next level...while still being nurturing. Not many instructors can do that. Not only is she an amazing instructor, but she is also a badass human being. When I first started teaching yoga at Evoke, Emily was so welcoming and was always up to help and provide advice when needed. She is by far one of my favorite instructors. Thank you for your service, Emily. Namaste(SLAY).” 

CARLOS V - Student


“Emily’s classes are the definition of a dichotomy, while her voice provides the most calming instructions you hear, the requests are demanding that will push you to find your limits. Never have I been so relaxed yet so perfectly exhausted after a yoga class as I have with her. Your spirit will feel rejuvenated while your body feels sore in all of the best ways. “



“Emily is a remarkable yogi, instructor and a friend with the combination of warmth, kindness, laughter and love. I inherited her passion of teaching and practicing yoga, meditation and energy healing since day one because of her extroverted enterprise that she embarked in her whole life. She is the living embodiment of unconditional love to her family, friends and her clients. She's one of the best addition to anyone's inner circle that anyone could've asked for.”