Art of Letting Go

I’ve had a lot of experience with letting go of toxic and negative relationships. It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely necessary for our growth. Yesterday in class I was thinking about the similarities between physically letting go and releasing tension and resistance from the body as we practice, and the act of letting go of resistance and tension in our lives. 

On Saturday night I attended a sound bath, if you’ve never been to one I highly recommend it. Basically a sound bath is a deep meditation and the vibrations of the sounds around you recalibrate your energy centers. Every time that I’ve done one it’s always an extremely powerful and healing experience for me. I set an intention going into this one on Saturday, to release anything and everything in my life that is standing in the way of me achieving my dreams. 

For the past couple days I’ve become increasingly aware of imperative changes that needed to be made. I think we resist letting go for a number of different reasons. Sometimes it’s getting stuck in our comfort zones and fear of the unknown. Sometimes we don’t quite know how to say the things we need to say or how to set boundaries that serve our highest selves. Sometimes it’s difficult to let go of the memories and the good feelings you once felt. There are a million different reasons for why you could be resisting letting go of something that no longer serves you, but much like in the physical practice, the more you resist the more difficult it will be, and the less growth you will see. 

Half pigeon is one of my favorite positions. Not because I have the most open hips, but because I love the feeling of settling into the position and really breathing into whatever it is that I’m feeling. The deeper I breathe, and the more attention I pay to myself and what I feel, the more the tension begins to melt away and I soften into a state of presence and relaxation. I had the same experience this weekend releasing things from my life that I needed to let go of. I listened, I paid attention to myself and my own energy, and I acted in alignment with what my intuition was telling me. Once I did, I felt a massive release.

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